Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Accaturate, aptly titled, furless. 

Let the photo deceive you, because that feels good. The cat sculpture is also a fully functional incense holder. 

10 dollars. 

Too punk to care about this. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm unsure of the etiquette here. Is it necessary for me to offer some sort of formal salutation? I'm going to move forward under the assumption that it's not completely imperative. I've opened this blog to voice nothing, and while the fact that I've little to say may deter you (I'm uncertain as of to who you may be), it is worth considering that not many people have anything at all relevant to say and I can safely say that many of them have somewhat loyal patronage. That in mind, perhaps you'd enjoy sticking it out, right here, with a guy who (at the very least) is willing to admit I'm doing this for no reason.

I've noticed, quite immediately actually, that the most tenuous part of having owning a blog isn't (or wasn't, I guess) the initial set up as I had forever thought it would be. Oddly, I feel that filling this page will prove to be as arduous as reading it afterwards is sure to be. 

Anyway, I'm going to start selling my art on here. Bids start at 10 dollars. I'll sign them or whatever. 

This is the first piece I've done in this format, but I plan to continue on this line -not that I'm at all capable of planning what will strike me next. 

Painted on roughly 150 square inches of cardboard I hand-ripped from a box that once held something. I used the negative space around the head to mix paint, but I think it adds a certain tu-ne-sais-qois. 

10 dollars

More to come.